Are There Any Free Cell Phone Reverse Lookup Directories?

All of us receive calls from strangers every now and then. It can be irritating when you get prank calls but you have no way of figuring who has been making this prank calls to your phone. Aside having isues with prank callers, there are several other reasons as to why one would want to use a cell phone number reverse lookup directory. Fortunately, you don’t need to panic about not being able to find out who owns a cell phone number as there are directories on the internet that can help you out.

However, is there a free cell phone reverse lookup directory on the internet?

The sincere truth is that there are no free reverse cell phone number lookup directories any where on the internet. The so called free cell phone reverse lookup directories can not afford the amount of money need to successfully run a reverse cell phone lookup directory. With land line numbers, it is easy as it is always fixed but mobile phone numbers are always on the move and that means the directory has to be regularly updated which means they have to constantly spend money to get their databases well up to day. Do you think they will want to spend money on a product they will be giving out for free?

If you want to conduct a reverse cell phone lookup search then it is important to find and join a good and very reliable paid reverse phone lookup directory. The paid services gather information from various places and compile it into their own databases.

You can use google, yahoo, aol, msn search engines but you can’t be sure of the accuracy of the information these websites will generate for you and there is no guarantee that you will find the information you need.

But even with the paid services, you will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions before you are allowed to use their database. They do this so as to guide against illegal use of the information they give you. One of the terms and conditions they will ask you to agree to include that you will not use the information for telemarketing, harassing people or use it to blackmail the owner of the information. Aside this, they will also keep your billing address, name, phone number and other details on their database for future purpose.

Though signing up with the paid reverse cell phone lookup directories will cost you some amount of money, the amount involve here can as little as $15 which is worth satisfying your curiosity.